Welcome to Electric Auxiliary - a simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to internal combustion engines in sailboats up to about 35’ LOA.
Electric Auxiliary LLC is the commercialization of the battery powered auxiliary I have been using in my own boat for the past six years. An article about my experience was published in Good Old Boat Magazine - you can read it in the link at left.
Since then I have rearranged the components in one pre-wired unit, have developed a universal mounting system that makes installation easy and neat, have added a state-of-the art throttle control, and have made a variety of other improvements. Basically, however, it is the same system that has been my trusty auxiliary power for four seasons.
Please take a look through this website. I have tried to give you as much information as possible and to present it in a straightforward and objective way. You may find it unusual that I have provided links to the websites of my competitors, but my goal is to have informed customers who understand their choices.

Because we are a small company, we want to establish a personal connection with you - to make sure what we are selling is right for you, and, because boat engine installations vary widely, to be sure we include the correct mounting hardware for your specific needs.
To order, or for answers to your questions, call me, Joe Steinberger, at 207-596-0731. Or send me an email via the link below.
Our mailing address is Electric Auxiliary LLC, 7 Gay Street Place, Rockland, Maine 04841.

Update March, 2018: We have been working on a "Mark II" model, based on the new KLS-H series sealed sine wave BLDC controller, a newer model of Crydom SSR, and a new throttle control. Most of the photos on this website are of the old system. I hope to update the photos soon.

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