The motor controller is an essential part of the PMAC/BLDC motor system. It is a sophisticated solid-state device that is almost as expensive as the motor itself. Two manufacturers dominate the market: Sevcon and Kelly Controls. Both offer excellent products. Sevcon controllers are sold primarily for industrial applications, Kelly controllers are sold primarily for electric vehicles.

The EA system uses a Kelly controller because we have found them to offer better support for a small company such as ours, and to be more user friendly. Kelly provides free user-downloadable software that allows anyone with a pc to program the controller via an intuitive graphical interface. Programming the Sevcon requires expensive tools and considerable expertise. The controller that comes with your EA system is fully programmed and ready to use, but some users may have special needs or interests and will appreciate the option to change the parameters we have chosen. With the Kelly controller, this possibility will be open to you.

Kelly sells not only motor controllers, but also other equipment that may be useful to you - for example 48v battery chargers, and 48v to 12v converters. Their website is