The Seven Wonders of Electric Auxiliary power
1. Save the planet! As we deplete our fossil fuel supplies, and warm the globe, it is reasonable to question the wisdom of burning fuel just for fun. The EA system allows you to rely purely on solar power and adds to the fun by giving you the satisfaction of being a part of the solution.
2. Save money too. The EA system is much less expensive than a replacement diesel engine.
3. The EA system is easy to install. If you are reasonably handy you can do it yourself in a few hours with no special tools or expertise.
4. Your EA is always ready, and easy to use. With its simple and unobtrusive throttle - push it forward to go forward, pull it back for reverse - maneuvering in the harbor is a breeze.
5. EA power is quiet, clean, odor-free, and safe. You will not have to raise your voice to communicate with your crew under power, your bilge will be clean and you will have eliminated the smell and fire risk from oil and fuel.
6. The EA system is simple and elegant. You will have two fewer holes in your boat: no cooling water intake, no exhaust. You will eliminate your muffler, fuel pump, fuel filter and tank, blower, and a huge mess of hoses, wires, linkage levers and cables.
7. Maintaining your EA system is easy - in fact there is virtually no maintenance at all, not even on hauling and launching. A solar panel can keep your batteries fully charged all winter, so there is no need to remove them for storage. There is no oil to change, no fuel to bleed or to go bad in the tank, no water to drain, no antifreeze to add, no scraped knuckles to bandage!