The EA unit weighs only 31 lbs (14kg). You can carry it onto your boat and down the companionway, and install it without assistance.
If your engine beds were designed for the Atomic 4, you should be able to use them as is, but any beds can be modified to work. All that is required is to have rigid surfaces on either side of the motor, spaced 8.5” to 11” apart. You will need to provide four 3/8” lag bolts or machine screws appropriate for your engine beds, otherwise the EA motor comes with all the hardware needed to mount it securely and accurately to the beds and to the shaft. Shaft diameters vary, but most commonly in boats of this range they are 7/8
. If yours is 3/4” or 1” you will need to tell us so that we can include the appropriate adapter.
EA has a unique self-aligning system that makes alignment easy. Using the temporary carrying handle that is provided, the motor unit can be hung in approximate position from a board placed over the engine compartment. It can then be raised or lowered using the small turnbuckle which is also provided. You will know you have the correct height when the shaft couplings slide easily between the shafts. The shaft and couplings will then hold the motor exactly at the correct angle and in accurate side-to-side alignment. You can then adjust the side brackets to sit firmly on the engine beds and install your mounting bolts.
The motor unit is completely pre-wired and the connecting cables are provided, so you need only make the connections to your battery bank, to your on/off key or toggle switch, and to the throttle control.
The throttle control is designed to be easily mounted on any fore and aft surface, such as the side of the cabin trunk, the foot well, or a steering pedestal. Just three small holes are required.

For a pdf of the installation instructions, click on this link:instructions